I have a strong interest in the old paths, and the writings found here are my exploration of that, particularly with what I call “Red Druidry”, or Draíocht. In contemporary Irish draíocht is a stand in word for “magic”, but actually means “Works of the Druids,” which for me has a special … magical quality to it.

In my exploration of this magical path, I find myself exploring what can only be called druidic sorcery. I have developed a love of the land of my ancestors, and explore those myths as they can be present in this strange and foreign world, and in this odd and exciting age. Here you will find retellings of the old stories, rites unknown, and thoughts-Cailleach. I take many sources for this path, as it is truly personal to me. Hope you enjoy.

Beanachtaí, y’all.

The Baelwyck Rite

This text covers the workings of the Baelwyck Rite, a designed ritual for Baeltaine in the spring of 2019. The rite was designed in alignment with what I call “Fomorian Magic”, and is an example of Draíocht. This ritual explores Baelor, the demon-king of the Fomor who went to war with the Tuatha. In it, an oghamic circle is cast, and several Irish powers are called.

The rite is designed to be performed easily with minimal tools.