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Call me Lumo.


. Howdy, and welcome.

I consider this place a forza, a work or effort, where I place the writings related to weird things like demons, neolithic ruins, and things like magic.

In a rather long description, I’m a solitary ceremonial magician cum urban pagan, with a practice that includes elements of druidry, shamanism, and chaos magick. I’ve got about 20 years of experience working with various metaphysical systems (for current lack of a better phrase) ranging from Afrodiasporic traditions; like Obeah, Santería, and some Florida Voodoo, to my own dabbles in technomancy, Buddhism, Benificia, and pop magick; among other systems.

I feel reasonably comfortable talking about the history of the Western Magical Tradition, and feel capable with its tools, such as the Tarot, the Kabbalistic traditions, and ceremonial magic.

My interests range pretty widely, from language to goat genetics to Irish history. I like to think of myself as a researcher into this weird thing called life we’re all involved with, and am almost eternally curious about all the weird crap we seem to keep finding.

This site will probably be a constant work in progress, so please bear with us, regular operation will begin momentarily.


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